AT time we need to stay strong and stay positive!
We send our best wishes !


Had my WBC injection today 1/4 on Chemo day four instead of. Chemo day 6. It was tough as I have really bad fatigue.

I’ve had a pretty bad day trying to manage the side effects of my new chemo, probably one of the worst days since all this started! I got back from the hospital chucked my phone on the bed, PJs on and went to lie on the sofa! The fatigue is so bad, there I stayed all day, unable to move – so first, sorry for missing calls, messages etc and causing concern ! First lesson learnt – take phone everywhere! My mouth and lips and eyes are really dry and sore so I turned the AC off to avoid drying out totally and just left the fan on but that was driving up my temperature, even though I felt quite comfortable and actually had covers on!…

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