Quote – Stay True

To look in the mirror and see flaws, is a blessing. Stay true to yourself and the rest of the world.

Written by Tangible Triumphs Staff Member: William Herens

Co Founder & Co Owner of: Tangible Triumph


8 thoughts on “Quote – Stay True

  1. I “feel” the higher energies here and would like to be a part of your blog. I do thank you for following me and in turn will follow you. Keep on shining. All of us who do are so vitally needed in these times!! Bless you! ❤


    • AmyRose, we appreciate it. Would you like to write for us? And we don’t ask anyone. Actually we weren’t on planning to ask anyone yet, but your comment was nice and looking for people like you to be apart of our blog and express the truth and realness.
      If you would like to please let me know.
      Thank you

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      • Ray, my time is so limited these days. Please feel free to reblog any of my work. Some of what I write is very deep, very esoteric, and some not. I am truly touched you asked me to write, for I have so much to say that usually most do not either understand or want to hear. Thank you. Taking care of special needs cats is the reason why so much of my time is otherwise taken other then with photogrpahy and writing. ❤

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