Vision , Your Dream – Rays Realization 

How bad do you want do want something?

Ever thought about owning your own home, running your own business, being the best parent?

Ask yourself how bad you want that thought your dreaming about?

When we want something we have to work forth and deserve it. When I want something so good in my life I work hard, and I mean hard. I don’t procrastinate. I grind everyday, strive, determined, and most importantly I believe I already have it in my life. I once heard Thoughts Become Things” . I can vouch for that slogan, reason being because it has worked for me in my life.

I make sure I have some faith, believing, determination, and positivity. Believe it or not works. You have to believe so hard and trust the process!

Work! Grind! Don’t Quit! 

We don’t give up! Grasp it and run with it !

The process won’t work instantly. It takes time and some patience. Some lose the faith and start thinking to quit. That is what we can’t do! When times come like that, we have to sit down take a deep breathe and get your head back in the game and still continue to win! May go into overtime, and this is were we work the hardest ! This is the final breaking point and we grind and believe. Trust the Process! Things will become true and become reality.


This article I posted has to relate to me in my life. It happens to me everyday, because I set short & long term goals. This is the process I use, and it works. Takes time to receive and achieve. Nothing comes instantly or handed to us in life, we have to grind! I hope someone today can read this and apply to their life and help.

comments and reply’s would be great.

Written by Ray

Co Founder & Owner of Tangible Triumph

6 thoughts on “Vision , Your Dream – Rays Realization 

  1. ‘Nothing comes instantly or handed to us in life, we have to grind!’ you are right about this…Nothing in this world just falls into your hands. This is a great post, thank you for sharing. I don’t there’s a point in life, i ever said, ‘I give up’ unless on relationships….the fuckboys.
    But on my dreams and goals, no! I wake up with positivity and I tell myself that ‘I will make it’… I know I will. I make sure I have some faith, believing, determination, and positivity, just like you said.

    Great post.

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