When We Give Up – Rays Realization

To give up, is letting ourselves down. To give up, is to throw away our dreams. To give up, is nothing but disappointment. 

To give up!

We should never give up on anything we are trying to achieve! We should never give up on anything we figure it out ! We should not give up on anything we don’t like!

At times it may be rough and challenging, but at times it may also open new doors and gain new experience along the way. We need to have that mind set of not giving up, push through and look at the prize! Think about the end results and what a pay off it can be.

When we give up we not only let others down, more importantly we let ourselves down.

Written by Ray

Co Founder & Owner of Tangible Triumph.


11 thoughts on “When We Give Up – Rays Realization

  1. I love this…I can’t remember exactly what self help book or podcast I was listening to that I heard this from but the only difference between people that settle and people that become millionaires, is that millionaires don’t quit, period. This was an amazing read.

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  2. Hey Ray, great word of encouragement to all of us battling to be our best. My dad would always tell me that “quitters never win, and winner never quit.” There is always going to be that breaking point that separates the good from the great. Hanging in there will allow us to reap the biggest benefits of our lives. It’s the same thing in the weight room with that last rep that you feel you can’t lift, which is the most important rep. Thomas Edison failed thousands of experiments before he had his breakthrough. If he gave up history wouldn’t have remembered his name.

    In order to achieve our Tangible Triumph, we can’t give up, and we need to persevere especially when it’s uncomfortable regardless of the adversity. You and Will keep up the great work.

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