Alter Your Mind, Alter Your World

Written by Paul

Owner & Founder of OaktownVibes

Author for Tangible Triumph

The source of all great accomplishment and unbearable misery, is the individual. What ever it is that you hold continually in your mind, will eventually come to you. Your mind is more powerful than you think and you have the ability to shape or redirect your future with one consistent thought.

The bad news is this…most of us focus on the outcome that we don’t want. We live in a world that fans the flames of fear and failure. It’s in our television, our music, daily conversations and pretty much any place else that’s able to impress our minds. We have somehow tricked ourselves into believing that if we try to fight the idea of the outcome we don’t want, some how it will go away but in actuality, focusing on what you don’t want is actually bringing that mental image into reality.

Lets take a step back for a moment. The life you are living now, is it a result of  holding the mental image in your head of the outcome you originally wanted, or of holding the mental image of the outcome that you feared? Be honest with yourself and try to go back as far as you can, even as far back as your child hood if you can trace back to when you were fearful or optimistic about your future before now. This process may take a moment, so for the sake of this discussion, I want you to realize that YOU are responsible for everything that is or isn’t happening to you and the reason why has all to do with your thinking.

Our current circumstance is a result of past thinking patterns. Our fears or our passions create our future, and the one that wins is the one which can hold the throne of our mind the longest. Having a back up plan is self-defeating because you aren’t able to devote your whole focus to what it is you want. Most people spend more time planning for the back up plan, that they don’t even devote time towards the plan that they really want. The majority of people in this world are living out their fears, and then they wonder why more of what they don’t want, comes to them.

The subconscious mind is where all of the magic happens in creating our reality, the conscious mind is the gate-keeper of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is responsible for our habits and bodily functions that carry on with us being unaware, such as blood flow and our breathing. The conscious mind is the gate keeper of the subconscious mind because the subconscious mind in and of itself, can not reason between what is right and what is wrong, this is why our conscious mind is the gate keeper and can monitor the suggestions we allow to reach the subconscious mind.

In speaking directly of ourselves, when we are awake and fully aware to make decisions and reason, we are utilizing the conscious mind. When we allow our minds to run wild with counter productive thoughts and fears, we are giving our subconscious mind suggestions of what we hold to be true. The subconscious mind will act on those suggestions and create neuro pathways in our minds that cultivate new habits (that turn into consistent action) and thought patterns. This is why what we hold in our minds on the continual basis, is the reality that will manifest unless we control our thoughts.

If your desire is to reap positivity, focus on the things that you do want. Focus on the opposite of the outcome you don’t want, and that is what will come to you. The world around you will take shape just as the images and thoughts you hold to be true within you. If you believe that you can’t trust anyone and everyone is out to get you, that reality will materialize for you. If you believe the world to be a beautiful place and everything is rigged in your favor, this reality will materialize for you. What ever image of the future you hold in your mind whether you’re fearful or aggressively optimistic, that reality will materialize for you.

Written by Paul

Owner & Founder of: OaktownVibes

Contributor for Tangible Triumph

4 thoughts on “Alter Your Mind, Alter Your World

  1. that is the way i felt at the time i wrote this poem four years ago
    i hope it can relate to others.

    This Isn’T Me

    I’ve been fighting about who I am all my life
    Hiding behind a face that wasn’t nice.
    Showing people what they wanted to see
    But! The truth is – that isn’t me!

    I’m a person who has feelings deep inside
    Which I no longer want to hide.
    You give me your love – and I’ll give you mine
    And we’ll be together till the ends of time.

    Let’s not hide who we are
    We are much bigger by far.
    You came into my life when I was down and out
    And turned my life inside out.

    You showed me that in this world you must be yourself
    And with that we may need help
    That is when you walked into my life
    And opened my eyes to all there is to see
    You had came and rescued me.

    Let us walk this road hand in hand
    Cause now I really understand.
    Masks should be used only on occasions
    That are required, not one that is desired.

    You use A mask when you are in a Broadway play
    Or on a special day, such as Halloween
    Where that mask must be seen.
    Now with you I’ll follow my dream.

    louis rams :


  2. Great post!

    Law of attraction! I have experienced it many a times! Still the mind likes to play back the worst of your times! Its hard work. But definitely worth the efforts!


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