Who Do You Want To Be – Rays Realization 

Who Are You?  Who Do You Want To Be?

Really, ask yourself who are you. Are you the person you want to be, or are already the person you wanted to be.

Since September 4th, I realized I wasn’t the person I set out to be. I was completely different. I didn’t know me, my son and fiance didn’t me. This person I was, wasn’t me and wasn’t very good. That day changed my life in many ways. I wasn’t living, I was just existing. I jumped and took action, the action I needed to change the ways that were wrong in my life.

I’m in the process of getting back to the person I was, the person I loved. For that to happen, it requires some work. Unless we look to others we get half as much. There is nothing wrong for asking for help, Talking about advise, principals, and solutions. People have no problem helping.

We all think requesting for help is a difficult task. We need knowledge, what is knowledge if it’s not shared. People don’t mind sharing knowledge! I took that step and asked for help. Since Sunday, I have seen changes in my life, good changes. A mentor in life isn’t a bad thing, it’s a very smart move. Just to listen and take the advice from others will make a n impact in someone’s life.

I’m on the journey to find myself and realize who I really am.

Written By Ray

Co Founder & Owner of Tangible Triumph



15 thoughts on “Who Do You Want To Be – Rays Realization 

  1. Ray, outstanding question to ask oneself; who am I and why am I here? I’ve sought answers to these myself, we all do, and I’ve written many articles about these questions as a means of helping myself understand who I am. Not to say I have all the answers, but would appreciated your feedback if you have the inclination to visit my 80Insights.com blog and read some of my writings on purpose. Looking forward to your views.

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  2. The very first step is recognizing the need and not allowing the ‘fear of vulnerability’ to come into action. Love this Ray!! You have no idea how many people you’re influencing just from that simple question!!

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