Past Rumor – Will’s Wisdom

“Do not let rumor tear you down or let alone bring your spirits to a low. People can say what they want but if you move along and seem as you are in the end rumor passes. Forget what you hear and be what you know you are. Live everyday like it is your last. Be better today and even better tomorrow!”

Written by: Will

Co-Founder and Owner of: Tangible Triumphreceived_10157639582900151.jpeg

8 thoughts on “Past Rumor – Will’s Wisdom

  1. Powerful quote. Unfortunately, there are too many times we get caught up in what others think of us, and we try to manage the perception. It is an impossible task. In the end, all we can do is to be who we are, and let go of the worry of what others think of us. Once we let go, we are free to fully embrace who we are, and what we bring to this world.

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    • Being free of others judgement will let you be released from many things that you have no control over. Being able to offer your untainted thoughts is one of the most powerful things you can do. Thank you for the feedback and I’m glad we are on the same plane of thinking.


  2. We can not always live up to others expectations nor can we compare ourselves to others – what we want for ourselves is not what others want! In the end only we know what makes us happy!

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