Simplicity is Complex – Will’s Wisdom

There has been many odd things happening lately in my everyday life that essentially stopped me right in my tracks last night. I’ve been extremely observant and sensitive to what’s really going on in the world around me. Being more aware of the environment had made me step back and realize, simple things that I have heard or seen before make complete and total sense. There’s been idea’s that I had a hard time grasping due to a total lack of paying attention.

I was told yesterday to just be myself. When I’m around new people, just be myself. When I’m at work, just be myself. All I could do for the next hour was focus on that one phrase. Just be myself.

It seems easy right? Such a sort phrase looks to be simple, basic and easy to follow. But that one idea can be intercepted in a million different ways. I can question that mantra and make it even more difficult to just be myself. Keep it simple. Just understanding what it is to be yourself is all it takes to do just that, be yourself.

“To understand the simplicity in something basic is the hardest thing to do. As soon as you get the simplicity the horizon widens and makes what was small, extremely complex. Sometimes it may be hard to come to a conclusion but once you conclude you can never undo what was learnt.”



Written by: Will

                                                   Co Founder & Owner of Tangible Triumph

7 thoughts on “Simplicity is Complex – Will’s Wisdom

  1. Awesome post! True, being yourself in a world full of people trying to act like someone they’re not isn’t easy, but learning how to do so will benefit you so much! This is something I’m working on myself; not easy, but I’m getting there!

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