Get On Up, You Have To Challenge Yourself – Rays Realiztion

You have to challenge yourself!

You have to do the things you don’t want to do in life. You have to get your ass out bed in the morning, come on get up! You begin to look at life, what you want to do and achieve. You have to align yourself with the right people. People who can empower you, people you can grow from, people that are searching and seeking for higher ground in life! It’s easy to be a loser; we can stay down there and be at a low level. We have to harness ourselves and get on up! The biggest enemy we have is ourselves!

Relates To My Last Article “Connecting With Others”

What is it that you’re doing right now that is helping you become the person you want to become? What is it that you must do differently?

Unless you change your thinking and behavior you will continue to produce the same results in life. We are always producing the results we don’t want! Don’t forget you are the producer of your life, don’t worry about the circumstances, don’t worry about your age, or how you like.

We have to start saying YES in life. Yes to your dreams. Yes to your visions. 

We have to let go of our past or we will not grow. Our future is inevitable; no one knows where we will go. Only we do, we decide where we go and what we do.

No one can tell us what to do!

As you begin to look and realize, set goals that will bring out the best in you, take chances in life, change your behaviors, change your thinking, and remove the negative people in your life We Will Not Grow. If we don’t grow we will not become out best! We will not be happy, if we can’t be happy then what else is there?

Written By: Ray

Co Owner & Founder of Tangible Triumph



10 thoughts on “Get On Up, You Have To Challenge Yourself – Rays Realiztion

    • Im glad Tangible Triumph can help! Never give up! We may get to that powvaint were we want to give everything uo. But always remember we have a lot In life to appreciate. Keel your head up and move forward. If you ever need to talk or need advice visit our Contact page.
      Thanks for your response.

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