Learn From The Past – Will’s Wisdom

“Try to understand the importance of leaving behind a negative past, while learning what positivity was harnessed from it. Making the same mistake twice is not necessarily a bad thing, but repetitive negative behavior shows there’s no progress being made. Learn from the past, do not live in it.”

Written by: Will

Co-Founder and Owner of Tangible Triumph

10 thoughts on “Learn From The Past – Will’s Wisdom

    • It’s very important to move on! I totally agree on the stagnant part, it’s no good to be too still. When you learn, you’re becoming a greater person not even just physically but mentally and spiritually. Thanks for the feedback!


    • Thank you so much for the positive feedback! I’ve had my fair share of constant run ins with the same beast. There comes a time when you step back and realize, wow, I should’ve done something about this a LOOONG time ago. Terrible feeling. Have an awesome day!

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  1. It’s a very true post Will. Often people are suffering from a vicious cycle because of disempowering programs in their sub-conscious mind. It’s a post I will be releasing soon. There definitely needs to be intention to live in the present and forge a different future than your past. Keep up the great work bro.

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