Want To Join Our Tangible Triumph’s Team (Open For Everybody)


If you would like to join us please read the following. 

What Tangible Triumph Is About:

We love everything about Personal Development & Self Motivation. To build oneself, sometimes a little push or motivation is needed. That’s where we come in, frequently we have expressed our ideas, feelings, and concerns with each other daily. With both of us doing that, we have helped each other in many ways. We decided to take it to the next step and start a blog. In our venture to help each other, we have realized we all operate on the same basic ideas. Our goal and mission is just to help that one person, make a change in their own life.
Everything we write and post are legitimate words from our thoughts nothing here is fabricated from others.

We like to write about being Positive, Motivation, Life and Personal Development, with hopes of helping ourselves while helping others.

If you are about & believe in what we do, then you may want to join our team !

Whats in it for you, you may ask?

  • Exposure to thousands of our Readers, and growing.
  • You have the ability to write whenever, as much as you want.
  • Gain followers, increase on views, overall increase in stats.

That’s all we can offer, if your serious and love to write about Inspiration, Life, & motivation then you might want to think about joining. 

  • If you think you know how to tag your articles, feel free to. If not I would much rather do tags, Knowing whats the most popular and important to get your article exposure.
  • You can apply your own pictures, if not I can attach pictures for you.
  • We love to hear about personal experiences, what happened, and how you got through it, this gives others real examples and some relation.


Step 1. First Name, Last Name (Use your real name because once people start taking notice of you, you don’t want them to refer to you with a fake name.)

Step 2. Tell us what topics you would like to write about and/or why.

Step 3: Tell us anything else you want us to know about you!

Step 4: You’re all set! Leave all that below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! If you still have questions, just email us or leave them below!

Sincerely Ray

40 thoughts on “Want To Join Our Tangible Triumph’s Team (Open For Everybody)

  1. Hi! I’m Rayna McGaughy. I like to write about life, self improvement, habits, writing, yoga, fitness, running, parenting, cooking, crafts, general observations, simplicity and minimalism, goals, and many other topics. Tangible Triumph spoke to me, with posts of encouragement and thoughtfulness. I understand the value of coming together to lift each other up, to encourage each other to grow and explore our better versions of ourselves.

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  2. Hey Tangible Triumph Team, Jacob Rosemeier here! Similar to what my current blog (www.jakejournal.wordpress.com) is centered around, I’d like to write about encouraging others to live their lives to their fullest potentials and to look at the world around them in different ways. I like to see people view the world in new and different perspectives, something that I find to be important to me. I myself enjoy writing not just as blogging, but also as a relaxing hobby of mine. I also enjoy baking and cooking, anything outdoors, and doing yoga and meditation (another topic I occasionally discuss on my blog). It’d be awesome to hear something back from you guys and join the team!

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  3. I’m John Grimshaw. I’m interested in writing about start ups, process improvements, leadership, management, personal development, high performance teams and general development of yourself. I’m into boxing for fitness so occasionally write about that and I’m passionate about manufacturing of all kinds.

    I’d love to hear back from you with any requests.

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  4. Hi! I am Unaiza Batool. The exposure is something which I need very much.
    I would like to write about LIFE because I think that is what we all have. The least we can do about it is to write & share our own ventures,views,ideas,regrets,hopes and what not.
    I like the idea.
    Looking forward to some exciting experience.

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  5. Hi … My name is Henaa and I write under the pen name of sugarsatchet. I usually blog about anything and everything that touches me … It could be a song; a flower; a character in a book; an incident … Basically everything which can possibly add rythm to otherwise noisy life. Presently, I am doing a character sketch series in order to write about people who have stood by their choices unshamedly. The whole idea behind talking about such people is to motivate those who feel cheated and dejected. You can go through my work and if you think I am worthy of joining your team, do let me know. Awaiting your reply … With love … Sugarsatchet!

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  6. Hello, I’m Donald Njoaguani. I remember boasting with ‘Tangible Triumph’ the day my friend asked me what I gain by blogging on the field of inspiration. I enjoy writing about inspiration and motivation and life in general because somehow, cheering others up cheers me up. So I’d be honored to join the Tangible Triumph team.
    You should also know that I’m a Nigerian and I’m based in Nigeria, West Africa and I am not new to the blogosphere.

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  7. Hi, Cynthia Baughman here. Love your site. I write a little blog over at photobaugh.com about “finding inspiration in every day life.” I am relatively new to blogging and don’t have a huge following, but I write about what inspires me, leadership, learning, and living with fibromyalgia (which makes it difficult to keep a regular blog schedule while also working) I’d love to be part of the team. Cheers!

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