We Deserve & Owe Ourselves – Ray’s Realization

A few years ago there was a Administration position available and I wanted the position badly. I always wanted it, I wasn’t sure if I would get it. I continued to practice and learn leadership qualities and management qualities that were needed to obtain the position. I went to the interview and what happened?

I didn’t get the position I wanted, but here’s the thing I didn’t quit, I didn’t setback and needless to say I walked out head up high and got ready for the next position and the next interview. I prayed. I changed things in my life that were necessary. Had to clean house, get rid of the junk that was holding me back from upgrading. Next promotion came up a year later, and I got the position because I worked for it. I didn’t give up and you better know that I told myself I deserved and owe this position to myself!

Anything in life that we collectively want to accomplish, we have to set our minds to. Meaning we have to change our mind or more importantly stop partaking in the burdens that are holding us back. Throw that junk out the window and grind. Be passionate and believe, and you will receive.

Remember we deserve and owe ourselves everything we do that will begin to build a legacy, remember we are building daily to accomplish that great milestone at the end of the tunnel. 


Written By: Ray

Co-Founder and Owner of tangible Triumph

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