When You Really Want Something Go For It – Ray Realization

When you want really want something, you got to work for it. You have to be passionate it and go for it.

For me I had something so good in front of me, and I couldn’t let that go. You just know sometimes when there is something so amazing that you cant even think straight.

Here’s my story.

about 3 years ago when I was attending college there was this beautiful lady that I have never seen before. When I laid eyes on her I couldn’t thin straight and my stomach dropped. I gained the courage to speak to her. Man was she snobby and mean. That didn’t stop me though! Like I said before, ” when you see something to so good, that makes you feel on top of the world you can not let that go”. On the next break from our classes, I approached her again. I was very nervous and speechless. It work out better this time. We didn’t exchange numbers though. We did make plans to go out with a coupel of the college buddies and I didn’t end up going out. I got really sick and had a fever. Somehow she got my number and texted me. I found out where she was working at the time. I went to her job and surprised her with beautiful flowers. We ended up goign out to the casino.

We hung out more, got to know each other. Now this day were engaged and getting married in December of 2017 and have a beautiful family. We have a son that will be 2 years old in November of this year. I couldn’t be anymore grateful.

My point is, when you know you have something so good, you really want to achieve something, you need to grind and work for it. It may be hard at times, but we don’t give up. It may not turn out how we want it to , but that doesn’t mean to down ourselves and give up anything. Remember we have to work for it !

We can achieve anything we want in life ! We can accomplish any goal we setup ! We can live that life that we want !

Written By: Ray

Co Founder & Owner of: Tangible Triumph



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