Lending A Hand, Doesn’t Require A Payment

Lending A Hand, A Shoulder To Lean On, Act Of Kindness, Does Not And Should Not Require A Payment.

(Paying It Forward, Does Not Include A  Price)

This is the part were we practice being humble and having humility. When we do something nice for others we should not think we deserve something back from others. Sometimes we all tend to think we deserve in return, and if that’s the case we should have not done that nice favor for someone. We need to practice on these traits. We do the things from our heart a act of kindness.

Written by :Ray Rodriguez

Co Owner & Founder of Tangible Triumph

6 thoughts on “Lending A Hand, Doesn’t Require A Payment

  1. I totally agree with your post, now if everyone thought like this the world would be a much better place! Yes, we shouldn’t help others if we’re doing so just for compensation. The best kind of compensation is the intangible kind; knowing you’ve helped someone, and brightened up their day. Great post!

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