The Importance / Letting Go

In relation to Letting Go  By Tangible Triumph

When debating with yourself with something you love and something that is very important. Which side of the scales weighs down more? Is it equal?

Sometimes in life this is a rough choice we have make. As humans we love doing things we love the most, also as humans we have things that mean to world to us. At times we really have to sit down and evaluate which is best for ourselves, our families, our life. Instead of making impulsive decisions, we really have to play the tape through our heads and realize the outcome.

Today I chose the importance in my life. My family means the world to me, and would never jeopardize! I would never want to lose the most important things I love today in my life. If doing something I love risks to lose it all, I would rather not risk.

This can apply to many people. We really have to be careful on the decisions we make today, one bad decision can cause a lot of damage. This is why I say try not to make impulse decisions.

Written By: Ray

Co-Founder and Owner of Tangible Triumph


2 thoughts on “The Importance / Letting Go

  1. I enjoy reading your posts and always get a great insight and ideas flowing. Unlike you I differ on this one. If you do what you truly believe and want, sometimes others around you may not like your decision, thats life. You cant please everyone and your not for everyone so I like to accept the fact that I have control of what I be, do and have

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