First blog and why I’m doing this.

Great Read.

Dad Writing

So I guess I’m having some kind of mid-life crisis.  I’m only 36 so it’s a bit early but that must be it.

Let me explain…

I have always dreamed of writing a novel. Sounds pretentious I know but its true. Its something I’ve always wanted to do but never actually got my finger out and done it.  Sure I’ve started a couple of times but like a lot of brilliant ideas in my life, it’s fizzled out to nothing.


I’m starting this blog to track my progress and I am going to make some promises to myself on here and stick to them.  I don’t really care if nobody ever reads this, just knowing it’s out there gets me motivated and it gives me a place to rant and possibly more than once to have a break down.

So here’s a little about myself? I’m a…

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