Gratitude Plays a Huge Role / My Son / Family

Written by :Ray Rodriguez

Co Owner & Founder of Tangible Triumph

Gratitude, a very important aspect of life. I’m always grateful for the things I have, done, and accomplished in my life today.

Today after work I took my son to the Farmington / Cheshire Trail. We brought his wagon a long,  he loves it, and won’t go anywhere with out. As my son and I were walking, I was thinking how grateful I am to have my son Nicholas in my life.

Now today I had a rough day all day, once I was showing gratitude my mood changed instantly. I was in happier mood and not sitting on the pitty potty. Gratitude plays a big role in life.

When your in a down mood, just think of 5 things your grateful for today in your life,  I promise your mood will change instantly.

7 thoughts on “Gratitude Plays a Huge Role / My Son / Family

    • Hello Johanna,
      I would have to agree gratitude is the biggest leading factor towards happiness, and one won’t know until the actually practice. I do a gratitude list every morning. When I wake up I make a list of 5 things I’m grateful for.
      Thank you for your response Johanna.

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  1. A nice post. Sometimes our minds and thoughts get pulled down with the negatives in life. It is good to take some time out and reflect on what matters most.

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    • Good morning Davy D,
      Thank you. Yeah negative thoughts are constantly trying to take over our thought process. Gratitude has the power to switch that around with some daily practice. No one wants to stick in the negative.
      Tha k you for your response Davy D

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