Losing Touch With Reality, Grasp Very Tight 

Written by Tangible Triumph’s Team Member: Paul Scott 

Founder & Owner of: Oaktown Vibes

Tangible Triumph’s Team, Contributor, Business, Motivational Writter, Successful Living Writer.

 For children, nothing in the world is outside of their reach. Even the sky isn’t a limit for a child. The beautiful thing about children is that when they make up their minds and decide that they’re going to do something, they find any and every way imaginable to do it…until someone who is much wiser and experienced (an adult) comes along and tells them they cant.

One thing I love about children is that they don’t know they cant do something, so they continue to try anyway. Children don’t understand the concept of impossibility, so they summon the powers that be, with their untainted hearts, to achieve the greatest feats known to man. The key to life and doing what we love is found in observing elementary school aged children (preferably kindergarteners) because they are the most stubborn, resourceful human beings on the planet.

If you want something done whole heartedly and thoroughly, find a child, he or she will show you the way. The moment we were all told to be “realistic” is the moment we lost our wings. As we advanced through middle school and high school, further limitations were placed on us by those who seemingly knew how we could better serve society. Before we knew it, we owned those limits and placed them on ourselves…we accepted their opinions as our own reality.

Over 90% of the worlds population has settled for a life created for them by immediate family, friends and the educational system. I would even like to go a step further and also point out that our realities have also been shaped by the media and the music we listen to. The odds have been stacked against every single one of us since the very day we were born, starting with the ones who love us the most. Limits are ideas that we believe to be true about ourselves and as I mentioned previously, most of those ideas aren’t even our own…we have been conditioned over the years to think with thoughts that did not originate with us.

We are all unlimited in our capabilities but our limits, are the ideas we believe to be far fetched. Everything around us was once an unrealistic idea that was impossible, but now we have several ton masses of steel ( defying the laws of physics) flying tens of thousands of miles above our heads at 570 mph (920 km/h). If you desire to be successful in this world, think like a child…be naïve and try everything until you make your vision a reality. The most innovative women and men in the world tuned the world out and believed in the reality of their own dreams more than they believed in their current reality and the reality of the environment around them.

Think as a child thinks and dream as a child dreams. Notice that children are experts at losing touch with reality. When what you want becomes more real to you than your current condition, beautiful things begin to happen the moment you put action behind those creative thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Losing Touch With Reality, Grasp Very Tight 

  1. This is awesome and I love it… It reminds me of a common saying “It takes baby steps, to achieve great thing in life” and if you could take time to watch toddlers started walking; you will agree.

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  2. Great writing. I definitely agree with you. Our dreams remain dreams unless we act upon it. And the really one thing that keeps us from achieving them is staying in the comforts of our reality.

    Thanks for the thought

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