Never Let Your Goals Turn Into An Obsession 

Never let your goals turn into an obsession. Not that we need anymore, but we fall into a trap that we start to think we need more, we have to accumulate more, we have to perform at a higher level. If we accomplish once, now we think we have to do it 2 more times.

We don’t want to look for artificial ways to live our lives. What would it be like to live our life as a work of art? A work of art that is in progress and starting to unfold. Instead of looking at life of how much can I get or how far can i go?

It would be nice to start seeing our lives as a fabulous work of art. Where we get to shape and mold into whatever we think is best for our lives. If we start thinking this way we will see our lives to start to unfold and start seeing a wonderful work of art.


Written by Ray

Co Founder & Owner of Tangible Triumph

11 thoughts on “Never Let Your Goals Turn Into An Obsession 

  1. This resonated so much with my own thoughts I’ve been having lately! Working towards simplifying processes and making an effort to examine my choices and the necessary need for them. Rather than getting caught up in “needing” to do something or “having” to be somewhere.

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