Don’t be afraid to reach out

Written by Tangible Triumph’s Team Member: Karen

Founder & Owner of: And Then There Was One

Tangible Triumph’s Team, Contributor 

When you are afraid to take the next step or are struggling, reach out to someone whom you trust will shoulder the burden with you. We all have someone in our life that we know will help us weather any storm, no matter how hard the rain. If we are lucky, we may have multiple people to help us on our journey.

There is no shame in admitting that we need help, that we can’t do it all on our own. There is a reason why people walk into our lives and there is a reason why they stay as well. Trust the ones who stay.

Maintaining relationships isn’t easy.  They take work and you must be able to put into the work. I am not speaking of romantic or familial relationships but those with our circle of friends. It is not a given that your family will always be there for you. I have witnessed people close to me experience alienation from their families and I cannot even fathom that pain. And as someone who writes about romantic relationships I know that our partners are not always there for us either. As for me, I have been lucky enough to walk this earth with my beautiful family by my side, no matter how many times I screw up. But I consider myself even luckier to have friends who stand by me, dry my tears, and call me out when I need it. Most times they just listen to what I have to say. They may not always agree with me and me with them, but they are there, listening and offering support.

Trusting others is not always easy either. We may question motives by those close to us, or if we will be judged. I too have been burned by people who I thought were my friends, but its the ones who have remained in my life, through good times and bad times, that have enabled made me trust again and forget about the ones that were not there.

But even with all the support in the world you need to be able to take the first step and reach out. No one can read your mind. In the past I would not share any problems that I was having. I was afraid or maybe embarrassed to let anyone know I was having difficulties. But now if I am struggling or in a bad place I reach out and ask for help. I realize there is no shame in doing so. Keeping it all in makes your situation worse. You may start to feel isolated, so very alone and hopeless. For me, as I started to reach out more in my life I began to realize that I am not alone, everyone is going through something at one time or another.  Sometimes it takes your opening up to them to realize that these shared experiences exist.

So go ahead, reach out, welcome that embrace, lean on that shoulder and know that you are not alone, even if you feel as if you are.


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