Cut Everything and Everyone That Is Stopping You

Written by Tangible Triumphs Board Member: Ray Rodriguez 

Co Founder & Co Owner of: Tangible Triumph 

-Tangible Triumph Board Member, Contributor,  Writer

Change or Fail

I can attest that change is one of the hardest things in life. I had to make plenty of changes to be where I am today. Anything that we’re not used to doing, good at, & not knowing is change.

Change can branch out into many aspects. Change the people we hangout with, our daily habits, the way we think, or as simple as change the way we eat. We don’t like to do things different. Change bring a lot of fear and nervousness, but also brings a new path, a new you, a new way of how we do things.

To adapt to a new environment, change

It may feel uncomfortable or a waste of time, but that’s when patience or faith has to step in.



For me to be a winner, I have to hangout with winners. We tend to pick up traits and learn from the people we hangout with. You don’t want to be loser, GOOD! Stop hanging out with losers.

Example, I’m a store manager and my personal goal is to generate more customers and have our company name recognized by many. For me to produce the results I want, I had to change.

I started hanging out with people who know and are educated in the business world. I attend Chamber of Commerce  Meetings to network and learn more. I started to read and educate myself. It wasn’t easy nor was it comfortable. With these new changes I made, I can slowly see that I am producing the results I want.


Change the way how you use your time and effort. Time is so damn important, use the time effectively. You have to consider your time as the most precious recourse there is. Be very careful on how we manage time, be afraid to waste your time.

Use your time effectively. Value your time.


Change the routines you currently have going on, because your still stuck in the same lousy grey zone of not moving forward or being happy.  Keep building yourself, take greater and greater challenges


Stop setting tiny goals! Push for those dreams you’ve always wanted, the enormous dreams that give the chills down your spine, the one’s that make you rude and hide from being afraid.


The Most important thing I had to change, is the way I think, the way I talk to myself.

Drop those negative thoughts, drop the negative voice talking to you. It was very hard for me to stay and remain positive. It took weeks and months.

The way we think is very very important!

If you don’t think big, how do you expect to get big


Change can branch out into many aspects. Change the things that you need.  These are the few things I had to change in my life to get to where I am today. Anything and Everything that is stopping you, CHANGE.

We push forward and adapt to the new change.

  • Ray


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