It Only Takes a Couple Minutes

Written by Tangible Triumph’s Team Member: Rayna

Founder & Owner of: RAYN OF CHAOS


Do you go for days without drinking liquids? 
Do you go for weeks without eating? 

Do you go for months without a wink of sleep…

Because you can’t find the time to do these things? 
Odds are, you make time for these essentials. Without them, your daily life suffers, and your productivity decreases. You probably feel terrible after even one day without only one of these three.
How long has it been since you’ve exercised regularly? 
It isn’t so easy to make the time to exercise, is it? There are always reasons, such as the hours you spend at work, or the demands of young children or family life. Maybe you have a medical issue such as depression, fibromyalgia, diabetes, etc.
I get it. 
No, I really get it. I work, have two kiddos, am a university student, and have fibromyalgia. I have also been 100lbs heavier than I am right now. I get it

Living with fibromyalgia has taught me the value of daily movement. Stretching my muscles, getting my blood flowing, working the stiffness from my joints – daily movement helps in all those areas.
In the same way you make time to eat, hydrate, and sleep, you can make time for movement. No fancy equipment, no gym membership, no waiting for the perfect Monday or for the house to be perfectly clean (how often does that happen?). You can start right now. Start right where you are (not where you think you should be, and not where you used to be). Here are a few ideas for you: 

-It only takes a couple minutes to knock out ten squats or maybe ten lunges (five on each leg). Your knees or hips disagree with those movements? Either don’t try to go so low, or… 

-Try some push outs – stand about two feet from a wall, with your hands against it at shoulder level. Keeping your feet planted, and your body in neutral alignment, lean toward the wall and push back to starting position. 
-Deliberately walk through the rooms of your home, or down to your mailbox. 

-Do get-ups. You get up when you have to go to the restroom, or when you want food, right? It’s a functional movement that you use multiple times a day. Deliberately increase the number. Get out of bed, then lay back down. Don’t go back to sleep! Get up again! Do that five times. 
-When you’re sitting down to watch TV, before you plant yourself completely, stand up. Do that five times, then settle in to watch your show. 
Implementing these ideas doesn’t take much time. Adding two or more five minute sessions to your day will benefit your body. You’re much stronger than you think you are, and your body will reward your efforts. Maintaining or improving your ability to move in functional ways makes daily life less difficult. The stairs can become easier to navigate. The groceries aren’t quite so heavy to carry. Getting up from the couch can become less of an ordeal. 
Shift your perspective of exercise. Make it just as important as eating. Begin now, right where you are, adding just a few minutes each day. You can do it. 

photo credit: Jamie McCaffrey “A quarter of two”  via Photopin 

7 thoughts on “It Only Takes a Couple Minutes

  1. Rayna – I have fibromyalgia as well, and I really believe that staying active helps keep the flares to a minimum for me. Exercise and watching what I eat are the best strategies I have found for dealing with FMS.

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