Why Personal Development is an on going process

Written by Tangible Triumph’s Team Member: Paul Scott

Founder & Owner of: Oaktown Vibes

Tangible Triumph’s Team, Contributor, Business, Motivational Writter, Successful Living Writer.

The more you invest in yourself, the more value you can give to others.

– Oaktown Vibes

In this world, in order to make a huge impact, you have to have a hunger that is in direct portion to the magnitude of the vision. The driving force behind why it is that you desire to achieve the vision, is what fuels the hunger. Some of the most successful people in this world are unreasonable because they believe that what they see is achievable. By any means necessary.

Have you ever been so fired up for reaching the destination of your vision that you would literally stop for nothing? When your “why” is bigger than your “how”, any and everything becomes possible, no matter the circumstance or a lack of resources that may prevent you from reaching the finish line. The beginning is normally the hardest part, when everything is first coming together, but the hardest actually comes when you achieve the success that you have envisioned.


Contrary to popular belief, keeping the drive prior to reach the top is the easiest part…to remain hungry while at the top is the most difficult. In the sport of boxing, champions rise and fall due to one flaw…they lose their hunger. They have already obtained the goal of reaching the top of their weight class, so they don’t feel the urgency to train as hard because they have already reached the promised land. The problem with that thinking, is that they don’t realize that they now have a target on their head. The most successful boxing champions ALWAYS train CONTINUOUSLY  as if they are the challenger, they never lose their edge and they look for new innovative ways to stay on top of any opposing competition that would dethrone them.

The same it is with anyone who has the desire to stay on top of their “game”. Even if the field you have chosen is not at competitive as boxing, you have to stay sharp and able adapt to the arena of your choice as the landscape changes. This is where personal development comes in. The richest people in the world are always learning and improving themselves…CONTINUOUSLY. Whether it be self help books or shadowing a mentor that is already in a position that they want to be in, they look for new ways to grow and provide a wealth of value to those around them.

The moment you lose sight of the importance of personal growth, you can no longer add as much value to others. Achieving the vision or the “byproduct” as a result of what you do, can be more deadly than any failure or any prolonged period of procrastination. When you over eat, you become lethargic and careless, success can do the same to you if you don’t stay focused on the “why” you are doing it. You ultimately lose sight of the “why”, when the byproduct becomes more important. Personal development is what keeps you grounded and sharp.

Success has a way of tricking you into thinking you have already “made it” when in fact, you have barely just begun. Personal development is a very essential part of your growth and continual success. Your output will create that much more of an impact, as you continue to grow inwardly. Progress is what keeps the “customer” coming back for more. The moment you get lackadaisical thinking that there is no need to evolve, is the moment you start your decent from the top of the mountain. Make it your goal to read one book a month in the area of personal development, to listen to podcasts on the regular basis (as often as you watch netflix) that encourage new ways of thinking outside of the box and/or branch out and meet new people that can mentor you, that are in the position that you want to be in.


ALWAYS and CONTINUOUSLY look for ways to grow inwardly. In the end, it will pay off exponentially and those mental blocks that we all face from time to time, will be diminished. Personal development is the solid foundation that every successful person has built themselves upon. When you know who you are in relation to you’re why, you will be an unstoppable force like Mother Nature. When you make the ongoing process of learning and personal growth a necessity, you will astonish yourself at how the hunger continues to grow as you find new ways to add value to the lives of others, and as you continue to build upon success of the vision you have achieved thus far.


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