Written by Tangible Triumph’s Team Member: Unaiza

Founder & Owner of: UNAIZA BATOOL

Tangible Triumph’s Team, Contributor Life, Ventures, Views, Ideas, Regrets, Hopes


I am learned, have a lot of knowledge, suited, booted, a complete gentleman. I am wise, clever at times. But, there also comes time when I want to do something; go against the menace, get up for justice, take stands and challenges, get ahead for the change. I don’t take a step further and like to be in that stagnant era. My pay is good, my life is in peace, my position is safe, I have no enemies. So, why would I do such a thing which makes me vulnerable, unsafe and all in chaos? Why would I spend all the extra energy which I have? Why should I exhaust myself for others? For their problems? I should just sit, enjoy my life and let all the things around to be the way they’re going. All that matters is my PEACE.

Why should I destroy it?

I shouldn’t.

But above all am I doing it “GENTLEMANLY”?



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