Written by Tangible Triumph’s Team Member: Unaiza

Founder & Owner of: UNAIZA BATOOL

Tangible Triumph’s Team, Contributor Life, Ventures, Views, Ideas, Regrets, Hopes


I, being an individual, acknowledge the existence of other beings. Only beings? Of course not. I acknowledge the existence of each and every entity that exists. That old tree, the jump on the road, puddle and the grey horizon. Horizon is red sometimes. Sometimes blue. I notice. I acknowledge. It isn’t about that they invite me to do so. They don’t. They never will. They all just stand there at respective places and do their job. Not exactly THE JOB, but still they add it to the world.

I just wonder after seeing all this that why can’t human beings be at their places and do their jobs? Yes JOBS. Not the ones to earn money; it’s also a job not to poke around unnecessarily. Still, if I don’t notice them they do acts. Acts to gain attention. What will you do with such attention? So, just be at your place and do your work. You’ll get attention because you know it’s worth it only without being calling everyone towards your own self by making high pitched noises out of empty vessels.

Do some actual thing. All power to you guys!

Stay happy!

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