Problems / Letting Go

Letting go to something we love is not the easiest thing we can do In life today.

But, what if that something we love very much causes problems for your personal life?

Do we let go or Do we continue and try to find a solution for the problem?

This is the current situation I am in. For awhile I would always try my hardest to find solutions for the problem I was occurring for the thing I love doing the most. Yes, there were times I found solutions that would work for a period of time. Wouldn’t last very long,  but I would ride the wave to the end, and start all over again and again.
From the procedure I was performing, did nothing for me to get ahead or benefit me in any way.  All I did for myself  was create more problems and knock me off my feet.

This was called my Bad Habit

Once we have a habit, we either hate to cut it out of lives, or we simply don’t know how to. It’s scary, everyone hates change. If we continue to let our bad habits rent out a bedroom in our heads, they will own the house.

We don’t want to lose what’s ours! So it’s time! Time to evict the bad habit and throw it to the curb. May not be easy, may not be comfortable,  sure as hell can be confusing but we critically have to cut it.

For me I had to ask for help. I  wrote my bad habit an eviction notice. That was my first step. I prepared myself and gave myself the knowing and courage to break my bad habit. Second I delivered my notice and served my bad habit. This step is were I took action and kicked the habit to the curb.
Once you make your final decision, you must stick to it and die with it. This is were support really helps. Giving you the chance to talk to others,  whenever you have the urge.  People to trust and believe in you. Team effort.

They’re are many ways to cut loose the things in life that bring us down. Be firm stand brave and strike!

Bad Habits

Breaking Bad Habits, Highly Recommended

Witten By Ray

Co Founder & Owner of Tangible Triumph

22 thoughts on “Problems / Letting Go

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  2. Letting go is one thing but forgetting is another…matter problem is that I let go and tend to forget real easily on certain things…which well can sucks in relationships…well at least the ones I’ve had. They would say that I’m not trying hard enough to fix the situation even though I already moved past it and started to forget about it. Then when I’m forced to remember it I all of a sudden don’t care about the relationship and other party 😞. Idk, then there are times when I just can’t let go of the intense emotion even though I could care less about it in my current self…I just feel like if I lose that specific emotion forwards certain things…beings then I lose…Idk great piece btw keep it up 😅🙃

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  3. This was such a good article to read! It actually made me think about things that I need to let go of. It might be scary to live with changes, but it is necessary to have that peace of mind no?

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  4. Another good post. Letting go is easier said than done. Especially if your a kind person and naturally give. The need to let go to bring a change to the situation it either brings things back in line or it will end. Letting go of habits, kicking them is easier than dealing with people. Identifying the habit and accepting this has become you and then release it because it no longer serves you.

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