Clear Clean Sense of Priorities

Let’s all look at out life situation and ask ourselves do we feel overwhelmed, are we doing the important things we need to do in life. Are we living on a reaction day to day basis or are we actually taking a step back and taking perspective on everything?

Instead of having a scattered focus, we should have a clear focus in order to get ahead. Success and good fortune comes when we do a few things well, instead of running around like a maniac trying to get a lot done and wound up getting lost and in the end we accomplish to little. We should make narrow focus, and deep down we all know what we have to do to be successful.

There are always one thing that is most important, that is having a clear clean sense of priorities. All high achievers have a self discipline of priorities. We have to do the work to get the results. We cannot take the easy way out and justify. Thinking big is also very essential for extraordinary results.  How big we think is like a launching pad for how high we achieve.

Once we have a clear sense on our focus and priorities we start to achieve our dreams.

Written By: Ray

Co-Founder and Owner of: Tangible Triumph




10 thoughts on “Clear Clean Sense of Priorities

  1. Yes, we need to focus on one thing at a time and become masters at it. We hear the phrase “jack of all trade master of none”, but we should work on the part of the brain that can increase our focus which is possible to do.

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  2. Staying focused does require discipline. Knowing when to focus, where to focus, how much to focus on at a time, is also key. What’s a priority? I believe we all define this word differently. So we’re naturally going to experience success differently. The real question is: Are we up to prioritizing by staying focused on the discipline it’s going to take to experience success in life at all? Highest and Best!


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